Deborah Osborne Wyatt
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This link will take you to the website of “Knitted Comfort”. Like the character, Marge in John the Beloved”, Deborah loves to knit. In order to help pay for her children’s college education and daughter’s wedding the family pitches in together and help sell the knitted items in craft fairs. The Scarf Pins/Hair Sticks are a wonderful added accent that will make all scarves beautiful no matter if they are knitted, crotched or even fabric. They will make any updo hair style more elegant. We are now going to start selling the beautiful items on the website instead of doing so many craft fairs since her mother and father-in-law have recently moved in and need continuous care. She also has a Facebook page with more pictures if you would like to view them at “Knitted Comfort by Deborah Wyatt”.